Chris Cirullo
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Hey there! I’m so grateful you stopped by. Meeting new people is one of my favorite things, so I hope one day we can connect in person if we don’t already know each other. I’ve learned a lot from spending half a decade in Army Special Operations, running fitness clubs, and working with the leadership of over 1,200 churches across the U.S.

The reason I’m so glad you’re here is because nothing excites me more than sharing my lessoned learned with other people. The good, the bad, and the ugly. My hope is that other people can learn from some of my many mistakes, and from personal and organizational wins, as well.

I’m passionate about doing things that matter. For me that’s family, serving the church, speaking, and podcasting.

If you’re looking a speaker for your next conference or event, or you’re just looking to find helpful resources to equip and encourage you, you in the right place!

Thanks for dropping by.

—Chris Cirullo

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